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Bitcoin Newbies Talk EP.2 Lost Bitcoins: How Why, and What"s the Effect?


Right Shift YT Channel

A rabbit hole where you don’t want to get out!

Right Shift – The first and only Bitcoin-only YouTube channel in Thailand. This is the channel you shouldn’t turn away from.

We are continually churning out new Bitcoin-related material. We will challenge convention by introducing fresh approaches and novel experiences. The site has everything you could want in terms of Bitcoin-related content, both educational and entertaining.

We have a large number of Bitcoiners serving as moderators. Right Shot clip archives, for instance, include short topics for you to easily digest; the ALT+TAB program will transport you to a different environment and place to talk, thereby exposing you to new experiences. And a great deal of other stuff that’s never been seen before.

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Bitcoin Digest

The voices of a man who reigns in his followers’ hearts

It’s a podcast that reads you the greatest Bitcoin-related articles. Thanks to our passionate translators, you’ll have access to all bitcoin stories right away. There’s no need to pull over or wait around for free time to watch this. You can take your preferred voice with you and enjoy it whenever and wherever you want.

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CDC - ChalokeDotCom

If you’re into Bitcoin, You’ll really enjoy Piriya!

CDC BitcoinTalk
 – Easily Thailand’s top bitcoin discussion show. A man who can hold your attention for hours while you learn about bitcoin at no cost. Get together on a weekly basis, every Tuesday evening and share insights into bitcoin that can’t be found anywhere else. Watch the leading Bitcoin expert in Thailand in this one-of-a-kind show and engage with other viewers in real time.

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Piranha and The Gang!

This is a naughty tale about a lovable Piranha and his pals. Enjoyably observe the Piranha’s every move.

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Feel free to join us and make new friends. Bitcoiners, share and exchange your knowledge with one another.